Fish hook is living tool, which has been connected with human's survival, is the long culture heritage containing our ancestors' wisdom and life.

Keumho Jochim Co., Ltd. was founded in 1979 under our attitude to supply high quality fish hook to Korean fishers and persons working for fishery.

Since foundation, we have devoted ourselves to produce only fish hook so far and by using merit as world-wide country refining pure steel, our products have been recognized as the most preferred fish hook in Korean fish hook market which Japanese fish hook used to be popular through proudcts only using high quality carbon materials.

We first started from using our unique brand named "Chambaneul" in industry and also, by first achieving "Q" mark, we have grown up as Korea highest quality fish hook manufacturer in name and reality

Beside such facts, Keumho Jochim prepares various fish hooks on the purpose of having anglers easily enjoy fishing by developing new product with all our heart.
Currently, our such products are processed in Vietnam and China factories after manufactured in Korea, which is sold in Korea.

Today, Keumho Jochim can exist only thanks to anglers' kind encouragement and affective advice.

Based on your such encouragement, we actively export our products in full swing greeting the global age and also, we intend to even a little contribute to nationa interest extension.

Now, Keumho Jochim continuously puts first policy on quality under the age's vocation to add even a little energy and freedom to human living in the 21st century when is complicated and stonyhearted day by day and also, we do our best to manufacure environment-friendly products as well as products based on bright idea in order to have much more persons easily enjoy fishing as well.

Thank you for your visiting our website once more. We invite you to the world of Keumho Jochim's fish hook.